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Pasind in cladirea noului sediu al Clinicii Trident, prima reactie pe care am avut-o a fost “WOW, ce frumos!”. Ai senzatia ca intri intr-un centru SPA de prima clasa. Imediat esti preluat de personalul din receptie, respectuos si zambitor si condus catre cabinetele ultramoderne. Interiorul elegant, cu design contemporan, muzica in surdina, parfumul ambiental placut, toate concura la incantarea simturilor si relaxare, un puternic sentiment ca faci ceva pentru tine, ca te rasfeti – sentiment ce m-a insotit pe tot parcursul vizitei. Rezumand in doua cuvinte: profesionalism si stil! Felicitari!

Catalina Petrov

Catalina Petrov

Thank you for giving me a perfect smile with new veneers! Dr. Lazarescu and his stuff performed with great care and skill in what was a complex procedure. I recommend Trident to all my friends.

Magda Wojtkiewicz

Magda Wojtkiewicz

My first experience with Trident clinic was excellent. I am very pleased with the great service and helpfulness of Dr. Monica Voiculeanu. I am impressed by her knowledge, and minimal invasive approach. I was hesitant at first to go to the new dentist, just because we had been going to the same one for years, but now me and my family changed to Trident. My second experience was even better, many thanks to Dr. Andreea Albu and her assistant, my teeth felt the cleanest they have ever felt.
Natalia Grabowska

Natalia Grabowska

Estimados señores:
Me piden valoracion sobre el trabajo realizado en su Clínica, y desde luego han hecho un trabajo estupendo y estoy muy satisfecha con el Dr. Cosmin Ulman y con el resto de profesionales y empleados en General y se han esmerado en el trato para poder entendernos que no era fácil .

Muchas gracias y un cordial  saludo,
Maria Jesus Barbara Munoz

Maria Jesus Barbara Munoz

Ce cabinet est à la pointe de la technologie et l’équipe est professionnelle et dynamique. J’ai été très bien reçu.
Je recommande vivement le docteur LAZARESCU Florin pour la qualité des soins, sa patience, ses explications claires et précises durant les soins ainsi qu’après. Toutes ces qualités font de ce dentiste une adresse exceptionnelle à Bucarest.


I am currently doing a treatment of jawbone reposition with good results and so far I’m quite happy with the progress of the treatment, the staff is professional and on time, the schedule is managed without delays or problems.
I recommend them to anyone.

Kind regards
Michele Sedda

Michele Sedda

J’ai été et suis en continu très satisfait des soins dentaires effectués  à la clinique trident, par le docteur Cristina Cristea.

Sincères salutations
Jacqmin Renaud 

Jacqmin Renaud

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a foreigner in Bucharest, it was quite challenging to find a good dental office. A couple of colleagues suggested your office as one of the best, recommending me Dr. Florin Lazarescu. I would need to take out my lower chin wisdom teeth. However, one of them will be more complicated to extract (growing in a completely wrong direction) thus minor surgical procedure would be required.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Kind regards,

Milica Rađenović

Hello Dr Ulman,

I hope that you are well, your family also and your business is prosperous. I will be in Romania on 20th September and I would like to finish what I started three years ago. I hope that you can find time for me, because I have only sixteen days for that. I appreciate a lot the quality of your services and your professionalism as well.

All the best,

Simona Dunea

Am ramas placut impresionat de prestatia in clinica dumneavastra si anume:

Nu sint in masura sa discut partea tehnica a solutiilor abordate si a implementarii lor, dar sper ca timpul va da un verdict pozitiv.

Poate citeva directii de imbunatatire:

A fost o placere sa va cunosc si va doresc mult noroc pe viitor.

Sebastian Dragan, PMP, Project Manager

Sebastian Dragan

Am apelat la clinica dvs. acum aproximativ 6 luni si am fost foarte multumita de serviciile oferite. Medicii sunt profesionisti iar personalul auxiliar foarte calificat. Calitatea lucrarii a fost de exceptie, felicitari personalului implicat. De asemenea, tin sa va multumesc pe aceasta cale pentru ca m-ati vindecat de teama de dentist!

Raluca Mustacioara, PR&Account Manager

Raluca Mustacioara

Dr Florin Lazarescu,

Last week I visited the clinic and it was a pleasant experience. I have confidence in the clinic and in the plan of treatment.
I have no problems using the braces at all and I am able to wear it at least 18 hours a day.
I am wondering what material you will be using for the crowns and veneers. According to the website there are different options. What kind of crowns and veneers are you planning to use and are they all made by this innovative Cad-cam technology?

Kind regards,

Rianne Rits

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